Enabling story map on a non-JIRA Software project

By default the story map icon is only present in the project sidebar for JIRA Software projects. It is possible to use a story map on a JIRA Core or Service Desk project.

Three JIRA fields are required to use a story map and they are not available by default on JIRA Business or Service Desk projects. Follow these steps to add the required fields:

  1. Add the Epic issue type to the project
    1. Project settings
    2. Issue types
    3. Actions
    4. Edit issue types
    5. Drag Epic to the Issue Types for Current Scheme
    6. Save
  2. Add 'Epic Name', 'Epic Link' and 'Fix Version' to the Screen Scheme
    1. Project settings
    2. Screens
    3. Actions
    4. Edit screens
    5. Click on the Default - Screen Scheme
    6. View/Edit Issue Screen
      1. Add Fix Version, Epic Link, Epic Name
    7. Create Issue Screen
      1. Add Fix Version, Epic Link, Epic Name
  3. Create an agile board
    1. Boards
    2. View all boards
    3. Create board
    4. Create a Scrum/Kanban board
    5. Board from an existing project
    6. Select project and give the board a name
  4. Voila, you're done.

If this does not solve your issue, please reach out to our Customer Support Team and we will be happy to help!