Easy Agile Programs

Easy Agile Programs (Beta)

Easy Agile Programs for Jira (Beta) is a complete Program Planning solution built for Jira. Easy Agile Programs provides a holistic view of a Program by enabling:

  • Cross-team planning 
  • Cross-team dependency visualisation and management 
  • Alignment on committed objectives for the Program Increment, through the visualisation of an Increment Feature Roadmap

Easy Agile Programs for Jira is currently in Beta on the Atlassian Marketplace. We have chosen to concentrate on Program Increment Planning throughout the Beta period. Our aim is to keep the app in Beta through to the end of the year, delivering weekly releases responding to user feedback, and launch a 2.0 in early 2019.

We would love your feedback during the Beta period to better help inform our product roadmap before the V2 launch. 

You can try Easy Agile Programs in your Jira instance for free by visiting the Easy Agile Programs Marketplace Listing and clicking the 'Try it Free' button in the top right hand corner. 

Any and all feedback is welcome. You can email your feedback to support@easyagile.com or via the (question) button in the top right of any Easy Agile Program page. 

Future Features

At present, here is our roadmap of features we would like to release prior to the v1 release:


We plan on allowing you to only show dependencies of a particular type (red, orange or green) and to optionally show issues with that dependency type

Dependency Type

The ability to choose which Link Type is used to describe the dependency created on the Team Planning View 

Dependency Chain View

Understanding complex dependency relationships can be hard! We plan on making a view which will help highlight and resolve troublesome dependency chains

More High-Level Views and Reports

We intend on creating more high-level views to help Release Train Engineers and Product Managers understand the initial and ongoing health of Increments. Your feedback is vital. Please feel free to reach out with key features and reports you feel would be of most value

Rolling Sprints

Since the Sprints for the Increment are managed by Easy Agile Programs, and shared by all teams in the Program, we plan on enabling the Release Train Engineer to easily roll onto the new Sprint when it is due to start. This saves each team having to stop and start their Sprints independently. Issues which have not been resolved by the end of the Sprint are automatically rolled to the next Sprint (if there is any)


Sometimes using the names provided by Jira does not work well with how people refer to parts of their Program (Epic, Sprint, Board etc.), so we plan on allowing you to define your own terminology for these key parts (Feature, Cadence, Team etc.)