Troubleshooting User Story Maps

If you're struggling with Easy Agile User Story Maps a good place to start your search is Atlassian Community. And of course you can always reach out to our support team for assistance.


In making an easy story mapping solution for JIRA we've had to make some assumptions about how a Jira instance is set up. For example:

  • Kanban boards do not have an estimation statistic so the story map associated with a Kanban board does not show the estimation field
  • Agile boards containing multiple projects do not show the option to view by Fix Version as Fix Versions are specific to an individual project

Known Issues


The following permissions are required for the related functions on the story map:

  • Edit Issue - required to edit the Summary, Estimate, Rank, etc
  • Resolve Issue - required to set a Fix Version for an issue
  • Administrator / Administer Project - required to create a Fix Version
  • Board Viewing Permissions - required to view

Epic issue type not found

See Epics not displayed on story map.

Status Category Filtering

Jira provides the ability to create unlimited Statuses. Each Status must be mapped to one of three Status Categories: 'To Do' (blue), 'In Progress' (yellow) or 'Done' (green). Categories help you identify where issues are in their lifecycle, particularly in places where a large number of issues are rolled up.

  • Epics don't show (Jira Status Category is 'undefined')
    • Filtering on the story map is by Status Category
    • Fix this by setting a Status Category for each status in Jira

Old and unused epics appearing on the story map

It is possible to mark epics as Done in Jira Software yet by default this does not move the epic into a Status of Done as Jira Software uses a custom field, 'Epic Status', instead. If you have old and unused epics please mark them as done as part of the workflow. You can also automate the resolution of epics by following these workflow steps to mark an epic as done when it is resolved.

Atlassian has issues on their backlog for a consolidation of this behaviour, see JSW-12500JSW-9222 and JSW-8067.

Boards with multiple projects

  • Sidebar disappears when switching to Story Map

  • Unable to schedule by versions
    • We have not decided yet how to approach multiple versions which may be related yet are seperate (as versions are per project).

Board Filter Issues

Check whether the board filter, or Kanban board sub-filter queries:

  • Excludes issue types
  • Excludes projects
  • Excludes done or unassigned issues

To fix this, edit the query JQL to include excluded items.

Known Issues specific to Jira Cloud

See Atlassian Cloud API Limitations.