Issues missing on the Story Map

Each story map has a one to one mapping with an agile board. If you are missing an issue on the story map it is good to first check that issue is present on the backlog of the agile board.

Issues may be excluded from the story map due to:

  1. the agile board filter (e.g. project = FOO and component = BAR)
  2. the ''
  3. a status is not mapped to a column on the agile board
  4. the issue is done and
    1. associated with a released version
    2. associated with a completed sprint
    3. not associated with an unreleased version
    4. not associated with a planned or active sprint
  5. A status is not mapped to a Status Category (instructions to fix)

If this does not solve your issue reach out to our team and we'll be happy to help!