Done issues missing on the Story Map

Like the backlog on the agile board, the story map is focused on what is in progress today and what is coming up next. Conversations with customers have taught us that project inception and weekly backlog grooming are key activities on the story map.

As such, done issues are not shown on the story map if they are in a:

  • released version, or
  • a completed sprint, or
  • unscheduled

We do not show completed sprints or released versions on the story map as there are potentially hundreds of each, and thousands of associated issues. Further, done issues not associated with a sprint or version are more commonly resolved as 'Won't Fix', 'Duplicate', etc meaning they are less important and would add to the noise on the story map.

If you would like to see done issues for past sprints and versions reach out to our team. We're eager to learn how you would use that information and how far back you want to look.