Easy Agile User Story Maps

Story mapping is a collaborative practice that guides an agile team in the creation of their product backlog. The story map captures the journey a customer takes with the product including activities and tasks they undertake. Creating the story map as a team ensures team members are on the same page from the start of development through to ongoing delivery of new releases.

Easy Agile User Story Maps for JIRA enables a team to capture the story map and immediately build and plan a backlog.

  • Product Managers can lay out the customer journey as epics across the board, building a backbone
  • Team Members collaborate to write user stories that support each step on that backbone, and those stories are linked to the epic
  • Teams can schedule work into sprints (Scrum) or versions (Kanban) to assist with scheduling work and tracking progress
  • Teams conduct backlog grooming sessions on the story map so they can see the relationship between epics and sprints



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