Starting your Roadmap

One Roadmap for each Agile Board

Once Easy Agile Roadmaps is installed, each Scrum and Kanban board in Jira will have an associated roadmap. Teams can access their roadmap through:

Project SidebarMulti-Project Agile Board on Cloud

the Roadmaps icon found in the Project Sidebar for all agile boards on Jira Server and for single-project agile boards on Jira Cloud

the '...' dropdown on the top right of your agile board for multi-project agile boards on Cloud

Adding an Issue to the Roadmap

Any issue type can be scheduled onto a team's roadmap. To access the issues from a team's agile board, select the blue button marked either "Issues" or "Epics" in the top right of the roadmap. Select the 'Options' dropdown to check the issue types you would like to appear in your roadmap backlog.

The issues will appear in order of their rank pulled from the team's agile board. 

Create new issues from the roadmap by selecting the "+ Create Issue" or "+ Create Epic" button located at the top of the roadmap. These new issues will appear in your roadmap backlog, and can be scheduled onto the roadmap through simple drag and drop.

Sizing Issues

Issues can be resized on the roadmap to show their expected start date, duration and end date. This visibility into what work is being completed and when is useful for communicating the product vision to both the team and shareholders.  

To resize an issue, drag the left or right end of the issue to its desired date. The start and end date will appear above the issue when it is dragged for more accurate planning.  

Creating Themes

Theme swimlanes are designed to be a flexible means of visually grouping work into teams or distinct themes of work. To create a new theme, select the '+ Create Theme' button located at the top of the roadmap to pop the 'Create Theme' dialogue. 

Issues can easily be moved from one theme swimlane to another through simple drag and drop. 

Hover over a swimlane to view the up and down arrows. Clicking on these arrows will change the order in which the theme swimlanes appear on your roadmap.

Adding Version Markers

Jira versions can be visualised on the roadmap where they have a start and end date. This can be used to visualise the context in which features 

To add versions to your roadmap, select the 'Markers' button from the top of the roadmap. Under the 'Action' heading, select 'Add marker' to the versions you would like to visualise on your roadmap. To create new Jira fix versions inside the roadmap, select the 'Add version' button.

Versions can be dragged and dropped on different dates on the roadmap; this will automatically update the fix version's start and end date in Jira. 

Versions are coloured according to the release dates and progress; this is described in the title of the version.

Adding Date Markers

Date markers are a flexible way of representing milestones or events such as conferences/marketing releases. The colours of date markers can be customised to differentiate between categories of events or milestones according to your company needs.

They will appear as a single vertical line through the roadmap and can be rescheduled by drag and drop. 

If you would like more information about creating roadmaps or have feedback for us, please reach out to the Easy Agile Support Team and we will be happy to help!