Configuring Increment Sprints - Cloud

The Sprint Length and Sprint Count properties are stored at the Increment level rather than at the Program level. 

This allows a change of cadence during the life of the Program. 

Each team is able to independently manage their Sprints. Any future Sprints the team has already created on their board, can be adopted by the Program. All the work scheduled in those Sprints will be reflected in the Program. 

When there are no pre-created Sprints in a Team's board, Easy Agile Programs will automatically create them for you. 

To configure Sprints, click on the Name of the Team or the Open this team board text beneath the team name 

If the Team Board has no pre-created Sprints, Easy Agile Programs will automatically create them for you. If there are pre-created Sprints, the Sprints Configuration dialogue will appear.

Each Sprint can be configured via their corresponding dropdown. Here is where you can configure your existing future Sprints, or create new Sprints for the Increment.