Creating a Program Increment - Cloud

A Program Increment is a collection of Sprints.

You can choose existing Sprints from your team's board, or where there are no existing Sprints, Easy Agile Programs will automatically create them for you. 

An Increment has the following properties:

  • Increment Name
  • Description
  • Start Date 
  • Sprint Length
  • Sprint Count
  • Feature Roadmap 

To create a new Program Increment:

  1. Give your Increment a Name
  2. Objectives: What are the main objectives of this Program Increment that you want to communicate to your teams? What are the teams intended to achieve in this fixed Increment timebox?
  3. Start Date: When does this Program Increment start?
  4. Sprint Length: Are your Sprints 1 or 2 weeks in length?
  5. Sprint Count: Are there 5 or 6 Sprints in your Increment?